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We are ANTWEB.

We're a united squad of skilled strategists, forward-thinking tech enthusiasts, imaginative creatives, and experienced technologists.
Our unified efforts converge to enhance the core of your digital presence.
Our purpose revolves around crafting immersive technological odysseys that radiate allure, evoke fascination, and spark innovation.
Collectively, we thrive on shouldering intricate tasks, deciphering complex problems, and achieving monumental accomplishments.
The challenges you face seamlessly meld with our own, and your expansion becomes the focal point of our dedication.
We don't simply perceive ourselves as solutions providers; we stand out as committed companions on your technological journey.

ANTWEB is your restless digital partner.

Core Values.



compromise on quality.

We are always determined to create innovative, fresh and engaging digital experiences.
We don’t want our brand to be associated with anything that isn’t the highest quality.
We always push for excellence, chase perfection and bring sophistication.

are detailed.

Communication plays a vital role in the way we work. We pay great attention to details
and we work in close cooperation with our clients. We deeply analyze your business
before we take off. We ask for feedback regularly and we measure the results
constantly. Seamless coordination and perfect organization are part of our culture.

are reliable.

We play the long game. We've built a strong platform of honesty and trust. Ones we
decide to work together we persevere and make sure that we get the job done and
help your brand grow. We build strong relationships and inspire loyalty!

are restless.

We are dedicated and we work hard! We think winter when it is summer & vice versa.
We invest a lot in continuous learning and put the knowledge into practice! Still thinking
whether to outsource or build in-house team? Contact us and get an experienced,
passionate, and fully devoted ant colony!

Our mission is
to help you leave
a remarkable digital
footprint and deliver
outcomes that speak volumes.

Our mission is to
help you leave a
remarkable digital
footprint and deliver
outcomes that
speak volumes.

Meet our colony, who admire impeccable code,
craft innovative solutions, and embrace elegance,
simplicity, and warm weather.

Meet our colony who admire
pixels, flawless code, simplicity and warm weather.

Igor Arsovski


Filip Stefanovski

Creative Account Director

Vasko Lekoski

Chief Technology Officer

Konstantin Ljatkovski

Head of Design

Emil Petrov

Art Director

Blagoja Jakovcheski

Head of UI/UX development

"The whale is
while the ant
continues to do just fine."

- William E. Vaughn.