Developing software projects that are focused towards B2C customers, usually understands communicating with the same customers on a regular basis via automated emails. Any developer, who has been through the process of multiple email API integrations on different projects, knows how much time consuming this process is, yet even more painful to maintain on the long run with all the changes in the APIs that are always unpredictable and require immediate response.

In order to have our ant hives function uninterrupted and perfectly, we come up with a web-based solution to help us with faster implementation of modules requiring frequent emailing, as well as easier maintenance on the long run.

Therefore, MailerAnT serves as an intermediate layer between a email API, that saves time and is becoming more and more useful with every new project added on board, that contains modules for frequent automatic emailing. Using MailerAnt, you do the email integration only once, then reuse the code on every new project that requires modules using automatic emailing. You also get to do the maintenance only once e.g. on a layer level, hence apply the changes to all of your projects instantly and simultaneously.

This way, you make sure your projects run smoothly and organized, as ant hives do in the real world..

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