By nurturing good engineering practices, with obsessive focus on code maintainability and scalability, we develop code that help our clients improve.

Using the .NET technology stack, which has stood the test of time, our solutions help businesses and individuals overcome their professional or personal challenges, depending on the project used.

Mailer Ant

Developing software projects that are focused towards B2C customers, usually understands communicating with the same customers on a regular basis via automated emails. Any developer, who has been through the process of multiple email API integrations on different projects, knows how much time consuming this process is, yet even more painful to maintain on the long run with all the changes in the APIs that are always unpredictable and require immediate response.

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Funnel Ant

Loosing a customer on his way to the checkout point is not a usual thing successful business do. Your web-store should be built in a way that serve only one goal - guide every customer to a sale, even the window shoppers, out of which you should collect valuable info and sell them down the path later on.

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